Picture less pollution.

Environmental challenge accepted.

It’s super easy, and you’re actually already doing it each time you fill your tank. Now just up your game and use E15 or a higher ethanol blend when you fill up. Instantly you’re doing even more to remove harmful chemicals from the environment.


Pollution solution.

The solution is in the kind of gas you pump. Almost all gas has 10% ethanol in it. But now there are higher blends with 15, 20 and 30% ethanol. When you choose higher ethanol blends, you’ll not only reduce toxic pollutants in the environment but save yourself money and improve engine performance.

To put it simply, ethanol reduces pollution, lowers prices at the pump and improves engine performance. It’s such an easy win for you and the environment.

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Blind spots at the pump.

Knowledge is power and this knowledge has the potential to change the world, one tank of gas at a time. Whenever it’s time to fill up, use what you learn below to inform your decision on what type of gas to put in your tank. The environment, your wallet and your engine will thank you.

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Take action.

We can each positively impact our environment by pumping higher blends of ethanol into our cars. Up to 30 percent ethanol or E30 is safe for use. Open the door to some ethanol blend basics so you know what to expect at the pump.

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